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Hare Krsna
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New Talavan Festivals



Gaura Purnima 2016  | Sunday, March 12



This Sunday is the appearance anniversary of Lord Krishna's incarnation for the age, Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the avatar of love for God.  He teaches everyone to chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra for deliverance.  Since it falls on a Sunday we are having our usual Sunday feast program beginning at NOON and a larger program in the evening beginning at 4:45.

The schedule for noon is:
12:00- Artik 
12:40- Announcements & Class
1:45- Feast

The evening schedule is:
4:45- Deity Bathing Ceremony
6:00- Artik
7:00- Children's song, Dramatic recitation of Lord Caitanya's eight verses and 
           Reading from the "Caitanya Bhagavat"
8:00- Feast

The Hattiesburg Gujarati Association will simultaneously be celebrating Holi or the Festival of Colors on the temple grounds.  They will also have a Holika Bonfire to celebrate the conquest of good over evil; and will prepare prasadam.   Including a delicious temple feast there will be plenty for everyone.

Please come and have a good time.  Hare Krishna !  
Gaura Purnima Sunday March 12th
We are involved in upgrading the facilities at New Talavana.  There are three projects happening:
  1. Public Bathroom renovations
  2. Guest House
  3. New Milk Barn
I have been giving an account of the bathroom renovations since April, 2016. My last report stated we needed $3020 to reach a goal of $10,000. Since Lord Krishna's devotees are most merciful one kind soul is matching the $10,000 goal. Srivasant from Hattiesburg sent $108 and Mathaji Gita Priya from Tennessee sent $2,500. Thus we have almost reached the projected renovation estimate of $20,000. We only need $412. Sri Raga Prabhu will start this project in June - July; and it should be completed by 2017 Cow Fest which is September 29 - October 1.

The Guest House Project is my wife, Maharani's baby.  She dreamed about it and started collecting for it in the name of Lord Nrisimha.  Maharani received the approval of our Community Management Team, engaged Sri Raga in drawing up plans, set a date for construction, (2018), and has been on a campaign since then.  Our dear friend in Borota, Gujarat, Basu Ghosh Prabhu, who raised $10,000 for New Talavana to purchase a small but ideal mobile home to use as a guest facility last year is visiting; and has joined with Maharani and Bhakta Gerald, an assistant, and two computer pros, Bhakta Parish & Bhismadev from California to create a flyer and pamphlet for the project.  Further more Basu Prabhu arranged for Arjun Bhattacharya to put the project on You Caring- Compassionate Crowdfunding; and has been visiting local people promoting the new guest house that Maharani calls "Nrisimha Bhavan" in honor of Lord Nrisimhadev who inspired her to begin and serve this project.  I will write more about the Nrisimha Bhavan in the near future.

The third project which I have already presented is a new milk barn.  It begun when the cow department and Tapunja Prabhu came up with the idea.  Taraka Devi from New Talavana took that idea to her architectural professor at the University of Southern Mississippi; and he had the class draw the plans according to our cow department's vision.  Thus far I have collected $500 from Mr. Ashok Patel of Baton Rouge, Louisiana on behalf of his son Dr. Jay Patel.  Until the bathrooms and guest house money is collected we are not stressing the milk barn project; although we are accepting contributions for it; but it is looking like 2019 before any construction will begin.   


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!
Janmasthami & Vyasapuja 2013
Thank you 108 times. Plan on attending and offer everything to the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in this most merciful form of Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the Golden Avatar, Patitapavana- the Deliverer of the most fallen.  Surly you will be blessed with devotion and love for Lord Sri Krishna and His eternal consort Srimati Radharani.  I pray all readers will get a taste of the Lord's most benevolent mercy and become free from the shackles of birth and death. 

your servant,

Yogindra Vandana Das
Temple President
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Our most popular festival is the regular Hare Krsna Love Feast every Sunday at 11:30 AM. To be notified about the schedule for other festivals, please subscribe to the New Talavan Buzz newsletter.

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